Travel to France – Visit France With Family Through Schengen visa


French is rich in museums, monument and art galleries.  The most popular sights include Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Eiffel Tower and Pompidou centre. Do you wish to Visit France With Family. Then you should apply for a visa. Depending on the travel purpose to France, there exist different types of visas which will apply […]

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If you Wish to Travel to France. Apply for Schengen Visa


The Schengen agreement is not restricted to only European Union nations, but we find,  non European nation’s such as Norway and Iceland also form the part of the zone. All visitors who qualify for Schengen visa can travel throughout all nations that are part of the Schengen agreement. Cyprus and Switzerland are most likely to […]

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World’s no1 Tourist Attraction France

Overview: France is located in the Western Europe and is the leader among the European nations. There are many best places to visit in France.  France is surrounded by the English Channel and has borders with Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain. France is a permanent member of UN and encourages foreigners to visit, travel, stay […]

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France Visit Visa

France overview: France is one of the most pleasant countries in the world. France is the permanent member of United Nations Security Council, NATO and several other organizations. France is a multicultural country and encourages foreign skilled workers, students or individual to come stay live, study, and work and visit France attraction places. France is […]

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Some of the best places to visit in France

Toulouse The “pink city” has an attractive and quite distinctive old centre with a distinct Mediterranean flavour. Worth visiting are the magnificent St Sernin basilica, the Jacobins church and cloisters, and the Place du Capitole, a very fine city square. Beside the city centre is the Canal du Midi, the oldest canal in Europe and […]

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