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Changing Trend of France Immigration to Hire Foreign Nationals

France-to-Hire-Foreign-NationalsFrance is the fascinating land for many immigrants, the European country contained migration largely. But, now the trend is changing in France due to lack of availability of the professionals in its different sectors of economy.

French companies are not performing well due to lack of professionals in the IT and allied sectors; the protective strategy not to allow foreign nationals is now broken by the changing global scenario. Advancing technological progress always require the talent which can fulfill the needs of economy. The most protected labor markets of France are now open for skilled immigrants.

Especially France Immigration has separate visa programs to deal with the skilled shortage areas of France industries. The processing time for the France skilled visas have not been published officially that varies based on the workload of the immigration departments.

Temporary Secondment

This visa permit is granted for a period of two 18 months and extended up to nine months additionally. This visa category is exclusively for non-French companies willing to send the employees to work in French based companies. The visa will be permitted based on the consent and it requires documentation and other criteria to be fulfilled.

Full Work Permit

The French based company willing to hire a foreign national must Apply for this full work permit. There is no time limit an employee can be hired for indefinite period.

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