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End-to-end France tourist visa procedure

Travel France – this two worded phrase was on the tongues of almost 8 million people who toured France in the name of vacation or holidaying or be it anything. This made France the most sought-after tourist destination in the world for the year 2010. The history of France is as deep rooted as almost the entire history of Europe and this makes the country one of the historic countries in the world. Visit France to enjoy the delicious international cuisines the country’s dining has shot to fame for, world’s finest wine and world’s most hospitable people & neighborhood. To visit France and to travel France extensively, Trance Tourist Visa is the gateway.

France Tourist VisaFrance, being one of the 25 European nations, has abided to the policies made in the name of Schengen Visa so as to let foreign nationals not belonging to a set of countries predefine to visit France. Schengen Visa is issued for a period of 3 months for the residents of countries like India, Pakistan, South Africa, Russia, Zimbabwe, Algeria, Philippines, Ukraine, China and Thailand. With this Schengen Visa, upon entering the Port of Entry of one European nation, the visa holders can travel across the rest of the European nations without the hassles of visa evidence provision and passport display.

France Schengen Visa can be applied at the French Embassy located in your country of residence or motherland where you are currently staying. The France Schengen Visa usually comes with a validity of 3 months during which one can visit France, travel France and visit other Schengen nominated nations as well.

Upon making an appointment with French Consulate, one must fill the application of French Schengen visa, usually for two copies because most of the countries ask for two applications under tourist visa. Make sure your passport will have at least 90 days of expiry period left by the time your French Schengen Visa expires. This is a mandatory. Else the application will not be considered. Documents like passport size photographs specially clicked as per French Immigration norms, tour reservations and airlines’ booking confirmation documents, medical insurance policy papers, original bank statements dated to at least 3 months before travel date and a consolidated proof of residence must be produced along with the application fee for Schengen Visa which must be paid only IN CASH.  The usual visa processing time for a long term French Schengen visa takes up to 2 months of time.

With this, visiting France will be an enticing experience and traveling to France is quoted as one of the unforgettable experience of their lives by millions out there.

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