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France- a land of diversified immigration policies
Posted on: 30 Jul 2012  |   Tags: France Immigration , France Migration , Migrate to France ,

France occupies a significant place in the Europe history from art to politics and politics to architecture and in many places, in the global history, of the world. France mainly follows open border policy, but it is reforming its policies in order to restrict the unskilled workers stay in France. This over flow resulted as a burden to the France state, and they are planning to restrict the rules particularly in work class visas.

The French authority had made feasible distinction between the visa and stay and all individuals who require long stay or entry permit should possess a stay document. It is not applicable for individuals who stays for a period of 90 days, and all other individuals who are expecting to stay more than 90 days for various reasons in France should surely possess a visa or entry permit, issued by the concerning authorities of the French Consulate. Hence the individuals willing to obtain a long stay visa should initially attain the approval of foreign consulate for a residence permit. Short stay visas engulf various requirements of the applicants like business visits, tourist visa, training program, and they do not require any residence approval. Long stay visas should be approved by Consular Authorities, and it is compulsory to attain a stay card in order to remain in France for a period. There is a peculiar feature for France immigration that is, if the foreign residents request for retirement visas, then it grant them for longer periods that are valid until the economic conditions are satisfactory.

Under work permit cadre, France ensures open hands for skilled workers who meet the complete requirement criteria of the authority and restricts unskilled workers yet unfavorable situations. The spouse of French Citizen can attain the permanent residence permit as a right, but it varies with slight changes for the spouse of foreign nationals. These are the few things to be kept in mind before applying for a visa to France immigration authority.

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