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EU-Blue-Card - FranceFrance is the second largest economy in Europe, after Germany. The chief sectors which have grown immensely in recent years are telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, ship building and vehicle production. The Energy sector of France has too many jobs to offer to people. With beautiful countryside spread across world, one can explore many fields of France. EU blue-card in France allows the highly skilled workers to work in France.

EU Blue Card

European Union Blue card allows people from different parts of world to stay in France and work as a skilled professional. One should have an employment agreement valid for at least 12 months and a salary of at least 1.5 times the average salary set for the specific year. This means that there is a specific average salary range and the applicant should be earning an amount which must equal 1.5 times of the average salary. One must have a valid degree and work experience in the relevant field to show as a proof in order to have EU Card. This card is generally for the applicants, applying from third world countries. The European Union country’s residents don’t need EU Blue card.

Requirements of EU Blue Card

The applicant should Apply for the EU Blue Card only in the case when they satisfy all the requirements of the procedure. The requirements include a degree or at least 3 year course and a valid job in France. French people who have a contract with the applicants can also sponsor them. An employment contract with the potential employer lasting up to minimum 12 months is necessary and has to be there while applying EU Blue Card. The European Union Blue Card holder is also allowed to have temporary status of sponsoring other people from his/her family to bring along with them I the duration of contract.

Process of applying for European Union Blue Card

The applicant must apply for EU Blue card while applying for the visa from their country. The potential employer of the applicant should also send an application to the applicant showing the contract in which the applicant is bound to work for 1 year. The long stay visa is not required in the case, of the applicant has legally reside in France already with some other purpose such as study permit. One must wait for around 3 months after applying for the EU Blue Card to get it in their country. Related Links:
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