France EU Blue Card- A Work Permit France Immigration

The EU Blue card is to facilitate entry, work and residence of the third-country citizens in France, for highly qualified work.

Conditions to become a holder of EU Blue Card:

The situation for employment is not enforceable.

France ImmigrationThe qualified workers should have:

  • A diploma showing that at least a 3 year higher education, which is given by the recognized education institution by the state where it is located or proof of a 5 year professional experience in a compared level
  • Contract of employment for more than one or one year and it must be covered with the workforce of a Foreign Service in France.
  • The payment for monthly salary to a minimum of 1.5 times of the average gross salary which is taken as reference, this is determined yearly by the order of the minister of Immigration.

Permit given to a worker:

The temporary permit for residence marked European blue Card; it is valid for 1 to 3 years based on the period of employment contract, which can be renewed under same conditions.

Among the first 2 years once after the holders are given a European Blue Card, they can also practice the occupation which they have admitted under the scheme.

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