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France EU Blue Card Eligibility - Live & Work In European Union

Know more about France EU Blue Card Eligibility - France is a second prosperous nation in Europe with the robust economy and tranquil ambiance. This world-class immigration destination that is surrounded by quaint villages, resplendent natural attractions, majestic castles on top of lofty mountains, breath-taking views lures more overseas nationals to lodge their application for France immigration. Alongside its availability of diverse job opportunities and eye-catchy landscapes, this top-notch immigration destination is also widely its major industrial sectors like pharmaceuticals, vehicle production, telecommunications and ship building.


Availability of an ample number of job prospects in various positions has made France, a desirable immigration destination for many overseas skilled professionals. As per the new statistics of the province, it was found that the around one-fourth of the overseas population is residing in the province, to fulfil long-term as well as the short-term working and studying needs. Knowing this, its government put forth an immigration program known as France EU Blue Card to simplify the entry of overseas skilled professionals into the province for the purpose of working in its labor market.

France EU Blue Card:

EU Blue Card France is a type immigration card offered to highly skilled non-European citizens to live and work in France on the temporary basis and to enjoy the long term European Union resident privileges. This special class lets an overseas applicant to seek for their desired job in the province. And the validity period for EU Blue Card is two years. Further, dependent partners and family members can also be accompanied by the main applicant. France EU, blue card for Indians, permits prospective citizens of India to migrate to France for the purpose of seeking the employment.

France EU Blue Card Eligibility:

Below are the prerequisites that an overseas individual must meet to immigrate to France at a faster pace.

  • Must possess a valid passport
  • Hold a relevant master degree
  • A minimum of five years works experience in any field
  • Must possess the relevant proofs of the salary and employment agreement.
  • As per the orders of the immigration minister, he or she must receive at least 1.5 times of average gross set reference year.
  • Job agreement must apply to at least one year

France EU Blue Card Features:

  • Can enjoy short-term resident permit of up to one to three years.
  • This duration can also be extended further as per the job agreement.
  • Paves a way for permanent residency
  • Can accompany the main applicant in France

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