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France Schengen Visa - Simplest & Memorable Tour Forever

France Schengen Visa - Did you plan to make a trip to France from your hectic schedule? Mulling on to visit a place that surrounded by resplendent natural attractions, picturesque beaches, and high-rise buildings to make your day memorable? Then France, one of the great provinces of Europe is the right option for you to make your break a happy one.

France Visit Visa

Traveling to France with family members is something that makes a vFrance-Schengen-Visaacation of an individual more exciting and fruitful. Many thanks for the visa agreement of Schengen, this has made the European Union visit much easier and effortless than ever before. By the new reports, it was found that the France Schengen visa has witnessed a great craze, especially among the individuals of India, who are vehement of making long trips for special vacations. Till date around 79 million foreign individuals have toured to France by making it a most visited place across the globe. Its rich culture, multicultural ambiance, high quality of life, food, wine and eye-catchy scenery make the province as a great region to visit for few months.

However, the type of visa an individual is requested to hold to visit France depends on the nationality and length of stay. And France is one like other Schengen regions that permits citizens of other nations to visit multiple places for three months without a tourist visa. In case, if you would like to stay for longer periods, you are suggested to apply for a French long-stay visa with the support of professionals like Opulentus.

Schengen Visa

With a strong intention to boost the inflow of foreign travelers to the province, a Schengen contract has been signed by the 26 European Union nations. According to the contract, a non-EU national is permitted to visit over 26 EU countries on a single visa for a maximum duration of up to 90 days in six months.

France Schengen Visa Requirements

Below are the requirements that a foreign traveler is requested to meet while applying for France Tourist Visa

  • A valid passport
  • Adequate funds to maintain themselves during their stay in the province
  • Valid proof of travel insurance
  • Must meet the health and character requirements
  • Hold the evidence of return itinerary tickets
  • If the prospective applicant is minor, then they are recommended to present the proof of birth certificate or parent’s acceptance letter

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