What are the Requirements to be Met for France EU Blue Card ?

Eu-Blue-Card-SystemFrance is known to have a second best economy in Europe after Germany. We find important industrial sectors in France include pharmaceuticals, telecommunication, ship building and vehicle production. Working in France from India has been a dream for many because it is lucrative to work in France. This nation has been a promoter of nuclear energy, nearing to 58 reactors produce 80% of its total electricity production. The energy sector does account for numerous jobs. Debts account for about 12% of the household assets which is considered to be relatively low. Apply for France work permit.

In France, the standard working week to do regular jobs in France is about 35 hours. The main idea behind the short working week is that it would lead more people getting hired. So far statics does not prove this theory. Mainly blamed on the fact that it is difficult for employers to lay off people when faced with the economic downturn. As with many western nations, traditionally there has been a shortage of highly skilled professionals.

France participates in EU Blue Card Scheme. We find for highly qualified workers, the EU blue card is an exclusive choice.

The three conditions that are required to be met to request for France EU Blue Card include
• Non-EU citizenship
• Educated or skilled
• Work contract or binding job offer

The EU Blue Card network enables the user to create as well as maintain their profile for consultation by employers; the network also offers a platform to submit their application electronically.

There are three main things that do consider in order of importance which determines whether or not one is attributed as skilled worker visa
• Salary level
• Education
• Statute of cadre and CDI contract
Education, significant as French authorities consider high educated candidates can integrate into French society.

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