Finding work in Paris

With unemployment rates rising and a stagnant French economy it is important to seriously consider your options before arriving in Paris; unless you can do a job that a French person can’t do and are able to prove this, you will have a very difficult time finding work. Without question, the safest bet is to find a job before you leave home.

With a few exceptions, unless you’re from an EU country, you won’t even be considered for an interview as it is an expensive and complicated process for companies operating on French soil to employ someone who is not allowed to work in France.

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Finding work before you arrive in France

With the exception of labourers, housekeepers, bartenders and language teachers, most people who find work in Paris do so before they arrive. As in any city, there’s always a way to get by legally or otherwise, but if you’re interested in a career with a full-time, Finding work in Paris, France: Job search in Parislegitimate contract, find a job before you arrive.

Nearly every major international company has offices in France and if you can convince one of them that you are more capable than anyone they can hire in France, you may find yourself a job. It is crucial though to remember that Paris is a very popular relocation destination and positions are hard to come by.

Depending upon a variety of factors, such as legal status, ability to speak French, expertise and past experience, it is a good idea to attend local job fairs and contact specific companies of interest directly. As is true anywhere in the world, the more experience you have, and the more specialised that experience, the more likely you’ll be to find work in Paris.

Bear in mind that while it is becoming more common to search for a job via the internet, French employers expect your cover letters to be hand-written. Handwriting is taken very seriously in France and the analysis of a prospective employee’s handwriting is a common practice.


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