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Are you planning to work and reside in EU-nation? Then, France will be the right option for you. Skilled employees are in-demand in France to address the skill shortages in the country. France is considered as second most affluent country in Europe. There are a few major industrial areas in France, for example, telecommunications, ship building, vehicle production, in addition to pharmaceuticals. In the recent years, immigration to France is immensely expanded, as the nation is giving fantastic career chances to the settlers. France is a favored immigration destination with a relatively high ripeness rate of 2.01, which accounts more than one-fourth of populace growth. French government has launched France EU Blue Card that facilitates overseas national’s access into the nation for the sake of employemnt.

France EU Blue Card:

France EU Blue Card is a European Union Blue Card framework that allows extremely skilled foreign individuals to live and work in France for short-term period and can eventually get long haul EU inhabitant benefits. France EU Blue Card is an immigration permit to France through which overseas nationals can also look for employment in France. The minimum validity period for France EU Blue Card is two years. Relatives can likewise join with the principle candidate. France EU blue card for Indians allows people to move to France with the end goal of employment.

Eligibility for France EU blue card:

Abroad nationals must meet the below eligibility criteria in order to get France EU blue card.

  • Must possess masters degree
  • A least 5 years work experience
  • Must hold an employment contract and must attain a pay of not less than 1.5 times of average gross set reference year, according to the immigration minister order
  • Employment contract must be legitimate for a minimum period of one year

Benefits of France EU blue card:

  • France EU blue card holders are issued with a temporary resident permit for 1 to 3 years period. This period can also be extended, as per the employment contract
  • France EU blue card paves way for long term residency permit
  • Eligible family members can join primary applicant in residing in France
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