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How To Acquire A France EU Blue Card?
Posted on: 03 Sep 2014  |   Tags: EU Blue Card , EU Blue Card France , France EU Blue Card ,

Overview EU Blue card allows skilled professionals of third country nationals to reside and work in the country temporarily and eventually obtain residence rights for long-term in the European Union. France EU Blue CardEligibility criteria: Individuals applying for a EU Blue card have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Must have a three year degree or work experience of five years and an employment contract of minimum one year.
  • The job must pay minimum of 1.5 times the minimum salary chosen by the government.
  • Does not necessitate a labor market test
  • In case, an individual holds a EU blue card of another country other than France he or she would automatically qualify for France EU Blue Card. They do not further require a visa to enter France and have to file application for French EU Blue Card in less than one month of arrival.

Features: Individuals as well as their dependents holding French EU Blue Cards will gain the eligibility for EU long-term residence permits following the stay in the country for five years of which the previous two years must be in France. Validity: The France EU Blue card has a validity of three years or the period of employment contract, whichever is less. Family members, who are dependents will be given residence and work permits in combination that are applicable for one year initially and can be renewed on yearly basis for the period of  validity of principals Blue card. Processing time: Applications of French Blue Card have to be lodged with prefecture locally at one’s country of residence. . Prefectures hold the responsibility to judge the principal application in less than 90 days of receiving the applications and the accompanied dependents application in less than six months.

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