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Long Stay and Short Stay France Visas: France Embassy in India

France government issues two types of visas for the tourists.  Short stay visa is given to tourists who want to stay for less than three months. Long stay visa is for those who stay in France for more than three months.  Short stay visas are issued for tourists, businessmen and also to students. [caption id="attachment_297" align="aligncenter" width="176"]France visas France visas[/caption] New Delhi: Each country has its set of rules for issuing different types of Visa.  The number of tourists and students to France is increasing in the recent times.  usually the Visas issued by France government depend on how much the person wants to stay in France.  There are two types of Visas.  One type is issued to people who stay in France for less than ninety days, and other type is for those who stay in the country for more than three months. Short Stay France Visas Short term France visas are called Schengen Visa.  With Schengen visa, it is possible to tour in 25 European countries.  These visas are issued for one time entry and multiple entries.  These visas are issued to tourists, businessmen, people who are going to meet their relatives and also to students to do internship.  Schengen visa is needed not only to visit France but also fro travelling to other places in France.  It is not possible to join any jobs with this Visa.  Those who have to work in France for short period have to apply to Regional Directorate for Enterprises, Competition, enterprise, work and employment and get the permission.  Sports persons and artists who want to tour in France for short period also have to take work permit. Long Stay France Visas People who have this type of visas can stay in France for more than ninety days.  Students and employees are given this type of visas.  To obtain long term visas, necessary documents have to be submitted.  It is also necessary to register in the immigration center immediately on reaching France.  Later application has to be submitted for residence permit for the first year.  In India, France visa can be obtained from the France embassy located in New Delhi, Consulate of France in Bangalore, Kolkata, Pondicherry and in Mumbai.  The addresses of these offices are given below.

  • France Embassy, 2/50-E, Shanitpath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110 021. http://ambafrance-in.org
  • Consulate of France, 21, Palace Road – Vasanthnagar, Bangalore – 560 052. http://bangalore.ambafrance-in.org
  • France Consulate, Wockhardt Towers, East Wing, Bandar, Kurla Complex, Mumbai – 400051.  www.consulfrance-bombay.org
  • Consulate of France, 21C, Raja Santosh Road, Kolkata – 700 027. http://calcutta.ambafrance-in.org
  • Consulate of France, 2 rue de la Marine, Pondicherry – 605 001. http://pondicherry.ambafrance-in.org
The above addresses can be approached to get the complete information about getting France Visa.  Visas are not issued in the airports of France.  The term of Visa is also not extended.  It is illegal to stay in France after the expiry of Visa.  New application has to be submitted to get the new Visa as the old one is not renewed. Source:  http://www.aegindia.org/2013/07/long-stay-and-short-stay-france-visas-france-embassy-in-india/2129033.html

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