Find a Job and Work in France with EU Blue Card

France is beautiful nation, many wish to immigrate to France, whether it is for the shorter period or permanently.  By following few simple as well as practical steps, you can find it easy to live and work in France than you imagine.

The authorities of French have been traditionally very protective  about their own  labour force and they have laid  numerous bureaucratic obstacles for those companies, which intend to recruit the foreign workers. We find their attitudes have been changing as there exist  shortage of IT professional which does affect performance of numerous French companies.

The new procedures have helped the France work visa  process not only faster as well as easier. However, eventhough significant improvement.France-EU-Blue-Card

The individuals can apply for France EU Blue Card Scheme, at same time, when they apply for entry visa.

The individuals receive exemptions for visas for long stay and they can directly apply for the European union Blue card on below conditions.

  • In France, reside legally with other residence permit
  • Should have EU Blue Card which must have been issued by another European Union nation where they individual have lived minimum period of 18 months. For this, particular case, the individuals should apply for new European Union blue card at prefecture at your residence place within a month of arrival in arrival

Why migrate to France ?

  • In France, the legal hours per week is 35 hours, if individuals work for more than 8 hours then they get extra paid.
  • The individuals who work get, about 13 bank holidays and 5 weeks of paid leave each year
  • The individuals can visit other cities easily as intercity transportation is available.

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