If you intend to Visit France for Business! Apply for France Business Visit visa?

France is not only beautiful nation but also most visited nation in the world – When you Migrate to France be positive : The individuals should not think about their limitations instead they should think about their possibilities. With this particular attitude, you would be able to find new opening which will lead to success. A positive approach is always beneficial.

French language : The French people are proud of their language and they are impressed when foreigners speak in their language, which will break the ice.

Avoid fears : Many individuals when they Migrate to France, initially they get scared. There is nothing to worry, as there exist job opportunities, good housing facilities as well as education facilities and  individuals who require mortgage can also avail it.

The individuals depending upon the purpose of their travel to France, there are different types of visa which an individual can apply for the occasion.  Whether the individual is planning tour, work, reside permanently, you would require to apply for a different Schengen visa accordingly.France-Business-Visit-Visa

Varied types of visa which you can apply are

  • France Business visa
  • France Transit Visa
  • France Student Visa
  • France visit visa

 Validity of France Business Visit Visa

The French Business visa is valid for 90 days in all Schengen member nations which include France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Malta, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Czech Republic.

All individuals Visit France for Business should apply for France Business Visit Visa and should have these documents ready:

  • Documents stating details of employment and purpose of visit
  • Employment letter which should specify the company’s contact info, position
  • When participating in a fair and evidence of booking of the stall
  • In case self employed, should provide copy of business registration certificate
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Payment slip supporting sufficient funds as well as bank statements
  • Proof of medical insurance

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    • The French educational system is greatly federal and controlled, with many sections. It is separated into three stages:
      • Primary education
      • Secondary education
      • Higher education

    • In Australia, it takes couple of days to get approval and your passports will be sent via email, whereas for other region it may vary as per consulate.

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