What Are The Requirements of France Eu Blue Card?

What is France EU Blue Card?
France EU Blue card is for the highly qualified non-EU foreign nationals to reside and work in France on temporary basis and eventually gain the residence in the European Union for long term.

France EU Blue card for Indians
France welcomes huge number of qualified professionals from India to make their significant contribution to the nation. Prior to applying it is required to fulfill certain requirements, which are as follows:

France EU Blue card eligibility
    · An employment agreement applicable for minimum 12 months with a salary not less than 1.5 times the minimum salary set by the government.
  ·  Must have a university or a college degree demonstrating that he or she has completed at the minimum three years study course. Instead, one can prove his or her qualification by showing that one has the at the minimum five years appropriate work experience.
·  Does not require a labor market test

France EU Blue Card application process

French EU Blue Card applications have to be lodged at the headquarters of a prefect with the authority at the one’s country of residence, which has to decide on the principal Blue Card applications in less than 90 days of receiving the applications and not exceeding 6 months for accompanied dependent applications.

France EU Blue Card validity

The French Blue Card will be valid for three years or the time period of the contract employment contract, which is less. Family members, who travel as dependents will be approved of a combined residence and work permit, whose initial validity is for one year and can be extended each year for the duration of main applicant’s blue card.

Foreign nationals who hold the Blue card of other European nation for at least 18 months will qualify for French Blue Card automatically. They are not required to have a visa to enter France. However they are, have to file their applications for French Blue Card in the first month of arrival in the country.

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