World’s no1 Tourist Attraction France


France is located in the Western Europe and is the leader among the European nations. There are many best places to visit in France.  France is surrounded by the English Channel and has borders with Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain. France is a permanent member of UN and encourages foreigners to visit, travel, stay and live in France.

Best attractions in France:

There are world tourist attractions in France which makes the individual go oh la la!  Foreign tourists who visit France should note down the top attraction places in France. It’s hard to imagine any other place more romantic than France. France tourism provides one of the best tourism attractions that France has such as the historical castles, art, museums, beaches and countryside’s and many more attractions of France.

Why visit France:

France is a great destination not only for tourism but also for work and study. Many foreign youngsters flock to France to enjoy the beauty of France and live in the beautiful country.

Some of the reasons for choosing France are

  1. Knowing one language is never enough these days and French language spoken in five other continents apart from France.
  2. Ability to speak both French and English raises more job opportunities in foreign countries.
  3. France is the top destination spot for many individuals and 79.5 million people visit France every year.
  4. You will never run out sights when you visit France.
  5. While you’re travelling you can work in France for 12 months, with the working holiday visa.

And gives you many more reasons as to why you have visit France.

France tourist visa:

Every individual who wishes to visit France need to obtain a tourist visa for France.

There are certain requirements which are essential to carry to the France embassy when the indivisual is going for visa interview.

  • Valid passport and the copies of first and last page
  • Photographs
  • Fully filled application form
  • Parents need to provide their no objection letter, birth certificate of the child and copies of their passport if the child is below 18
  • Letter stating the purpose of travel
  • Bank statements
  • Itinerary copy
  • Overseas health insurance
  • Copy of air tickets
  • Hotel booking conformations

To minimize the chances to rejection, please check if all the above documents are attached before going to the interview.

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