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Most Underrated Destinations in France
Posted on: 04 Dec 2013  |   Tags: France Tourism , France Tourist Visa , Migrate to France ,

 Auvergne If you're after underrated destinations, the whole of the Auvergne will qualify. It's a glorious mountainous area -- remote, wild and rural and with a remarkable geology. The Allier River runs through it, starting at its source near Mende, and gathering strength and power until it joins up with the Loire near Nevers. From the market town of Langogne to sleepy Brioude, you can follow the Allier's serpentine flow from the scenic train ride. For the active, there's good white water rafting and kayaking -- your only companions the birds of prey soaring in the skies above. The historic-minded can explore the small rustic châteaux associated with the family of the hero of the American Revolution, the Marquis of Lafayette. Le Puy-en-Velay Approaching Le Puy across a high plateau, three extraordinary landmarks suddenly come into view: a towering red statue of the Madonna, a dark basalt cathedral and a chapel perched on a 270ft high lava pinnacle. In the heart of deepest France, medieval Le Puy was one of the starting points for the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and still attracts serious walkers. In September the city fills up with the sights and sounds of the strange 16th-century Renaissance Festival of the Bird King. North French Coast Get off the cross channel ferry in Calais and the dash to get onto the motorway south is like a Formula 1 race. But gently motor down the coastline on the small roads and you enter a countryside of 19th-century villas, delightful towns like Montreuil perched high on the cliffs, genteel Le Touquet and a series of long sandy beaches where children catch crabs and adults sit in painted beach huts. Albi Many people know walled, romantic, medieval Carcassone, but nearby Albi is strangely ignored. Dominating the town, the remarkable red cathedral is like a fortress, built after the local heretical Cathars had been stamped out with unbelievable cruelty. The Toulouse-Lautrec museum is full of exuberant paintings of decadent late 19th-century Parisians. Don’t miss the boat trip on the Tarn river for its magnificent view of the city. Troyes Troyes is the less well-known capital of the Champagne region, lagging behind co-capital Reims which wins with its great cathedral. Troyes is a delightful warren of winding streets of half-timbered houses, a gothic cathedral glowing inside like a jewel from its stained-glass windows, and small museums, including one with a good collection of Fauves paintings. It’s also the biggest center for discount fashion stores in Europe with two Marques and one Mc Arthur Glen outlet malls just outside the heart of the town. Source: http://gofrance.about.com/od/travelplanning/tp/Top_ten_underrated_destinations_in_France.htm

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