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Tourist visas - OpulentusIn 2013 the beautiful France was visited by Eight five million overseas travelers, making the country the one of most attractive travelling destinations worldwide. It is in the third position for earning revenue from tourism due to short visitors.  Twenty Percent more explorers passed less than half as much as they spent in the USA. UNESCO’s World Heritage has enlisted Thirty Seven French places and cities of high attraction of culture in their heritage list. The Romantic Paris is leading the list followed by Toulouse, Strasbourg, and more, beach and seaside’s resort, ski resort, the country side villages which are loved for their natural prettiness and green tourism. France is a country of beauty. It is the land of love, fashion, films, sports and foods. Paris is the most visited city for fashion hunting shopping lovers. There are so many things that only occur in France.

12 Top Rated Tourist Attractions in France:

  • The Eiffel Tower- stands as the signature of Paris. It is the best wonders in the world. This incredible monument is a made up of Eight Thousand metal ingredients. Gustave Eiffel designed the tower to showcase temporarily in World Fair in 1889. The three hundred and twenty meters high tower now the loved and high admirable fixture of Paris skylines. The INCREDIBLE graceful tower has got the name, "Iron Lady”.
  • The Louvre Museum- is an amazing museum standing on the top with art and culture of Europe in the former royal palace of French King.
  • Côte d'Azur - The most fashionable stretch of coastline
  • Mont Saint-Michel – The Mystical “Pyramid of the Seas"
  • Loire Valley Châteaux - "Garden of France," is listed as a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.
  • Cathédrale Notre Dame da Chartre - The UNESCO’s listed cathedral stand as the pride of medieval Gothic architectures.
  • Provence –It is a fantastic landscape of olive grove, and vibrant purple lavender field, with little village standing in the valley and perched on rocky outcrop.
  • Chamonix-Mont-Blanc - Mont Blanc, "White Mountain” stands in between Italy and France.
  • Alsace Villages - The prettiest village in France is tucked away in the green rolling hills of Alsace, where the Vosges Mountains stands by the Rhine River.
  • Carcassonne – The city of Fairy Tale.
  • Brittany – Rugged sea side spell bounding scenario of northeast France.
  • Biarritz – The incredible beach town on the Bay of Biscay is just a dreamland for the tourists.
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