Apply for Student Visa for France – International Students in France for Education


Individuals who are EU national or national belonging to EEA, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. The individuals do not require a French Student Visa. Instead,  they would require a valid passport or other valid travel ID in order to pursue an education in France. In case,  if the individual is national of other nation and Interested […]

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Eu Blue Card Scheme – Advantages of Migrating to France


The EU blue card scheme is created to make Europe a more attractive destination for professionals from outside the European Union. All European Union member states except the UK, Denmark and Ireland, do participate in EU Blue card scheme to France.We find highly qualified individuals have opted in the past for destinations such as United […]

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Why France is Preferred Destination for Study for Indians ?


An Indian citizen or legal resident whose age is above 18 and wish to pursue education in France for the period covering more than three months, the individuals are required to complete the campus France application process prior applying for the French Student Visa.  The Categories for Overseas Students in France as well as for […]

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What are the Requirements to be Met for France EU Blue Card ?


France is known to have a second best economy in Europe after Germany. We find important industrial sectors in France include pharmaceuticals, telecommunication, ship building and vehicle production. Working in France from India has been a dream for many because it is lucrative to work in France. This nation has been a promoter of nuclear energy, […]

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Travel to France – Visit France With Family Through Schengen visa


French is rich in museums, monument and art galleries.  The most popular sights include Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Eiffel Tower and Pompidou centre. Do you wish to Visit France With Family. Then you should apply for a visa. Depending on the travel purpose to France, there exist different types of visas which will apply […]

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