Find a Job and Work in France with EU Blue Card


France is beautiful nation, many wish to immigrate to France, whether it is for the shorter period or permanently.  By following few simple as well as practical steps, you can find it easy to live and work in France than you imagine. The authorities of French have been traditionally very protective  about their own  labour […]

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If you intend to Visit France for Business! Apply for France Business Visit visa?


France is not only beautiful nation but also most visited nation in the world – When you Migrate to France be positive : The individuals should not think about their limitations instead they should think about their possibilities. With this particular attitude, you would be able to find new opening which will lead to success. A positive […]

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Most Underrated Destinations in France

 Auvergne If you’re after underrated destinations, the whole of the Auvergne will qualify. It’s a glorious mountainous area — remote, wild and rural and with a remarkable geology. The Allier River runs through it, starting at its source near Mende, and gathering strength and power until it joins up with the Loire near Nevers. From […]

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Indo–France summit begins in Delhi

A lot more foreign exchange programmes for students in France and sharing of ideas, research and industry can be expected in the coming years, with day one of the India–France Science, Technology and Education summit seeing about 11 MoU’s being signed between companies, universities and research institutions in Delhi on Wednesday. The event is a […]

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France Business Immigration through France Business Visit Visa

A foreign citizen who wants to travel to France under business purpose should obtain business visa. A business visa is issued for the individuals who meet all the eligibility requirements. France Business Visit Visa is issued as a temporary visa and who want to travel for less than 90 days in France. This Business visitor […]

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