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Why Many People Prefer to do PHD Courses in France

France is known to be most popular study destination in the whole word. Nearing to 300,000 international students have opted for the French Education System. This nation has the relatively low amount of tuition fees, and an opportunity to be in France is certainly appealing.

All students belonging to a member state of European Economic area or the European area do not need a visa to pursue study in France. They can apply graduate school or university of their choice directly.

For all Others, they Would Require Applying for France Student Visa.France-Higher-Education-System

During the first year of their studies, the individuals are required to show their visa a proof of their residency status. However, they would require registering with the office of immigration within thirty days of their arrival and should undertake a medical test to validate their visa.

Language level

Most universities presently offer either bilingual programs or other programs that are entirely taught in the English language. It particularly appeal all those who wish to learn as well as improve their French language while they specialize in another academic discipline.

However, if individuals decide to undertake a degree program that has been taught in the French language, they would require having a minimum intermediate level of French. Most universities do require a B2 certificate in DELF or sometimes C1 certificate or DALF again depending on the course.

We find the majority of the institution, which offers higher education in a nation such as France are state funded. It does mean that there is only nominal tuition fee of about €200-€400 each year, which again depends on the level of studies.

Under the French Higher Education System, all who have obtained a baccalaureate or the school certificate secondary are entitled to enroll at the public university.  But they are often competitive exams are conducted at the end of a 1st year for a limited number of places in the 2nd year.

Ph.D. Courses in France has very good reputation; all who wish to do Ph.D. courses in Europe do often look to pursue their course in France.

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