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Work In France If Your Skill Is Teaching!

work in franceTo cooperate in France under the skill set of teaching, there is a protocol to be followed so that you can get the eligibility. The set of rules is different for the people who are the citizens of EU/ EEA or Switzerland. They are free to work without a work permit, whereas Croatians can work only for a year. If you are a not a member of EU/ EEA or Switzerland, then you need authorized permission and a work visa to work in France. Visa according to the period you are eligible to work for:

  1. 3 months Work Visa:
The French Ministry of Labor will provide your employer a temporary work visa which you shall get after the eligibility proven by your employer and authorizes an eligibility letter with a job offer letter.  
  1. More than three months Visa:
This is given for the ones who have to stay for a long time and work in France, under the job offer letter provided by the Employer.  An offer letter is sent directly to the Embassy of France. You need to bring your valid passport, a complete application and all the documents required for the type of work you want to look for.  

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